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Value added tax is payable on supplies of chargeable goods by registered persons. VAT returns are made bi-monthly and are due by the 19th of the following month. An annual VAT return must also be made to the Revenue Commissioners to cover
each accounts year. VAT legislation can be complex, especially in such areas as VAT on property.

We can assist you with value added tax as follows:

  • Assessing whether or not a transaction falls within the VAT net.
  • Confirming what rate of VAT may be payable on the transaction.
  • Calculating and returning any VAT due to the Inspector of Taxes.

In certain circumstances the direct debit scheme in relation to VAT may be availed of. Under this scheme direct debit payments are made to the Inspector of Taxes for VAT each month. The advantage of this is that bi-monthly VAT returns do not have to be made. We can assist with your application to avail of the direct debit scheme for VAT and with the calculation of the relevant amount for the direct debit payment.